• Q What's the principle of high frequency medium heating?

    Dielectric is so-called insulating material, such as wood, plastic, grain, tobacco, food, fiber products, adhesives, water and so on. High frequency dielectric heating is to put dielelectric in HF electric field whose direction changes constantly in very high speed, so that molecules of dielectric material rotate or vibrate in high speed in their original position, and heat will be generated by intermolecular friction and collision for heating purpose.

    The feature of high frequency heating is as below

    1. Fast heating speed and hig efficiency. Tranditional conductive heating method, heat is conducted from the outside to the inside of the object,and the time required is determined by the thickness of the material. High frequecnty heating is the heating of the medium itself by the high-frequecny electric field, which can be heatted to the inside in a very short time. So the heating speed is fast, the heating time is short, and the thermal efficiency is high.


    2.Heat evenly Heat is generated from the inside of the object and has nothing to do with the shape and thermal conductivity of the object. Heating the entire object to a uniform temperature is an advantage that conduction heating does not have.

    3. Selective heating Different sustance have different enengry absorption rates for electric fields. Selective heating at a specific frequency can improve heating efficiency and reduce energy consumption, such as wooden board jointing, through the electrode control, the glue line is heated, the timber is unheated.

    HF heating

    4. Easy to manage the heating process, start heating when power is on and stop heating when power is off. More convenient to control by adjusting heatingtime.

    5. Environment friendly, boiler free, dust free, smog free. Through effective control, the high-frequecncy electric field radiation meets national and international safety standards, giving the operator an excellect environment.
  • Q How to choose proper model of HF woodworking machine?

    A How to choose wooden boarding joining machine and wood frame joining machine?

    Customer should choose these machine based on the size of the workpiece, because each model has maximum and minimum working size.
    We suggest customer send us the picture and size of the workpiece, thus we can recommend proper model for you.

    How to choose wood bending press?

    Customer need send us the picture and size of the workpiece, we will confirm with you about the details and wood mould design and making.

    How to choose HF vacuum timber dryer?

    Customer need tell us timber type, workpiece size including max. height of the board, original moisture content and final moisture content that you need,
    and of courese, the capacity that you want. 
  • Q What should operators notice during use?

    A 1)Operators must attend professional training and get permission of security administrator before operating.

    2)Read carefully and follow strictly the operation instruction before use.

    3)Maintain equipments regularly, eliminate hidden troubles in advance.

    4)Non-professional personnel are forbidden to dismantle devices.

    5)Any problems about products, please contact our after-sale maintenance personnel.
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