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With 20 years of experience in high frequency woodworking industry,
Hanchuang has cooperated with hundreds of famous door, cabinet and other furniture, wood processing factories in domestic market, some are stock listed company. So we have accumulated a good reputation.
In order to better serve furniture and wood companies around the world, Hanchuang (SWORDHF) is looking for long-term partners and distributors.
If you can meet the requirements of being our distributors, and have the confidence to work well together with us, Please don't hestitate to contact us.
We sincerely invite you to join the Hanchuang (SWORDHF) team to jointly develop your local market, and achieve win-win cooperation!
Why do you chosse Hanchuang to cooperate?

  We are Professional and experienced HF woodworking machine manufacturer.Though this industry is a small area in whole wood industry,

but we have huge quantity of potentional customers around the world. And because of the special and unique core technology, less company master it      well, and more less company know the wood production craft, we have all of these, so we can proide the best quality machine, service and technology to customers.

  Hanchuang has a strong and dynamic team, driven by customers and partners' real needs and interest.

  Hanchuang provides training for dealers, including machine, sales, service etc.
  You can get regional exclusive and dealer authorization.
  You can get marketing support from Hanchuang, such as sales scheme, exhibition, local training meeting or industry exchange conference etc.
  You can get technical support and after-sale service support
  Enough profit space for you.
Requirements to become a dealer of Hanchuang

  Willing to establish a long-term strategic business cooperation relationship with Hanchuang

  An independent legal entity company with distribution qualifications in the region.

  A strong team with experience for sales and marketing in woodworking machinery industry
  With after-sales technical team, to finish installation, commissioning, and maintainence, and  provide timely and effective service guarantee for clents.

  With stable and strong sales channel to achieve reasonable business goals with our support.
Apply for being a distributor
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Kunshan City, China
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